Creechbarrow Hill

UKHO Creechbarrow article in Gazette
A recent article published by the Somerset County Gazette has sparked off a lot of interest from the general public and there has clearly been some confusion over a proposed artwork intended to celebate Taunton, the achievements of UKHO and their association with Taunton for the past 200 years.

For clarity, Arts Taunton is a charitable institution charged with bringing art for the public benefit to Taunton. Taunton Deane Borough Council are not involved in our on-going negotiations with UKHO and no taxpayers money will go towards this project, should it come to fruition.

The funding for this project, which is intended to help with the aspirational and cultural regeneration of Taunton, will be raised through a variety of philanthropic sources from funds that have already been ring-fenced for this type of initiative. In essence we will look to draw some of that money into Taunton. We are exploring an idea with UKHO to commission an artwork that will celebrate the amazing work UKHO have been doing for over 200 years and put Taunton on the map by giving us a unique landmark – Creechbarrow Hill is the perfect place. The commissioned work will attract media and public attention and grow the profile of UKHO and Taunton.